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Dynatem offers a broad range of 3U and 6U VMEbus and CompactPCI modules which are especially well suited to industrial and rugged real-time applications. Processors supported include the Motorola 68000, PowerPC and CPU32 families, as well as Intel Pentium® and Pentium® II processors. A broad range of I/O boards is also available. PMC and Industry Pack mezzanine standards are fully supported for I/O expansion. Support is offered for OS-9®, VxWorks®, and pSOS+®. In addition, x86 products additionally support Windows NT®, QNX®, Solaris™ and Linux™.


Dynatem Inc., located in Mission Viejo, CA, was founded in 1981. Since that time, the company has concentrated on designing embedded systems based upon the Motorola family of microprocessors and also, more recently, on the Intel processor family. In order to have the most flexibility possible in system design, Dynatem has developed its own board-level designs and integrated these products with the designs of other board-level manufacturers. The VMEbus architecture has been a primary focus of Dynatem since 1987, and low-power rugged system design has been a major characteristic of many of these systems. More recently, much of the design effort has involved PCI-based architecture. The key to embedded computer design has always been the system level software. A major portion of Dynatem's engineering efforts has been the development of real-time software drivers based upon operating systems such as OS-9, VxWorks, pSOS+, and VRTX. More recently, VMEbus drivers for Windows NT, Solaris, QNX and Linux have become a major portion of our design efforts.


Dynatem supports a broad range of VMEbus, CompactPCI and stand-alone modules. In order to offer more system level options, many of Dynatem's processor modules support either the popular Industry Pack(IP) mezzanine standard or the PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) standard. These standards offer a virtually unlimited range of I/O, communications, graphics and memory expansion. This enables the processor board to be customized; thus, optimizing the functionality for each VMEbus slot. We support the mezzanine cards of various vendors and create new software drivers for them when necessary. In some situations, customers’ unique applications require more customized software, which we can provide, even to the application level. In all cases, we support the integrated product. Dynatem offers the capability to go the extra distance in providing this type of integration service. In another common situation, software drivers must be modified to share a backplane with another vendor's product. The reality is that this situation requires a much higher level of support and Dynatem's strength is the ability and willingness to provide it.

Custom Design

Even with the availability of mezzanine cards and special software drivers, the reality is that many OEM programs need special hardware design modifications to achieve the requirements in the least amount of space and with the lowest cost. In these situations, the ability to modify a design quickly and to do so at a minimum cost to the customer is a real asset. In many OEM applications, even the VMEbus can be eliminated, thereby reducing the complexity and cost of the system. Although any vendor would do this type of customization for very high volumes, Dynatem has the capability to make this type of modification for surprisingly small quantities. At Dynatem, we understand that if we can meet the requirement at the lowest cost, its good for the customer and it’s good for us.

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