CPU-111-10 (VPQ)

Intel Quad-Core based VPX SBC with 24-port 10 Gb ENET Switch


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  • Open VPX compatible profile MOD6-PAY-4F2T-
  • Intel®Quad Core L5408 Processor @ 2.13 Hz
  • Support VITA 46.21 for full mesh 10 Gb XAUI interconnect up to 5 boards on backplane per VITA 46.7 (Ethernet on VPX Fabric Connector)
  • Seven 10 Gb XAUI total ports to the backplane for full mesh support
  • On board Fulcrum 24 port 10 Gb Rthernet XAUI switch (also available without switch)
  • On-board PCI express SVGA Controller
  • Front panel SFP+ 10 Gb copper or optical for chassis to chassis interconnect
  • Supports two fully capable PMC/XMC Sites with PCI-X speeds of up to 133MHz and PCIe x8. Additionally, each XMC site provides a 10G XAUI lane to the on-board 24-port switch enabling an XMC card to be part of the 10G fabric
  • Available in conduction cooled versions for rugged applications
  • On board 4 GB DDR2 and 16 GB bootable Flash disk
  • OS support for Linux, VxWorks, Windows, Solaris, LynxOS, QNX


The CPU-111-10 is a high performance Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the 6U VPX (VITA 46) form factor. It is Open VPX compatible per profile MOD6-PAY-4F2T- This profile indicates a 6U Payload Module having 4 fat pipes (10 GBase-BX4) and two thin pipes (1000Base-T).

Offered in both convection cooled and ruggedized conduction cooled variants, the CPU-111-10 will meet the needs of numerous commercial and military applications.

At the heart of the CPU-111-10 is one quad-core Intel L5408 Xeon Processor, an Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub (MCH), and an Intel ICH9R I/O Controller Hub (ICH), forming the central processing backbone of the design. Up to 4 GBytes of DDR2 SDRAM are supported with the MCH running at up to 1066 MHz double data rate speeds.

The CPU-111-10 provides unparalleled data processing capabilities. It supports two fully capable PMC/XMC Sites with extensive User I/O. An on-board Fulcrum FM3224 24-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch provides full-mesh backplane data-layer interconnectivity, allowing up to eight CPU-111-10 SBC's to be integrated into a single chassis without the use of an additional switch board. A PLX PEX8624 PCI Express Switch provides connectivity to the XMC Sites and an Intel 82599EB Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller, which connects to the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch. The Intel 82599EB supports the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol standard allowing all node boards to be synchronized in the sub-microsecond range. An 82571EB Dual 1Gigabit Ethernet controller provides 1000Base-T or 1000BASE-KX connectivity to the backplane via the VPX P4 connector.

For convection cooled applications, the CPU-111-10 provides a front panel SFP+ port supporting CX4 copper and Fiber applications for chassis-to-chassis and rack-to-rack communications.

On-board non-volatile storage includes a 16 GByte Solid State Flash Drive, 16 Mbit SPI flash memory, and a 16 Mbit Firmware Hub. Four SATA, two USB, VGA, and an RS232 or RS485 Console port complement the CPU-111-10 I/O through the backplane or rear transition module.

CPU-111-10 Drawing
CPU-111-10 RTM Drawing

CPU-111-10 Block Diagram

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Technical Specifications

One Intel quad-core L5408 Xeon Processor running at 2.13 GHz

32KB L1 Instruction and 32KB L1 Data Cache per core

12MB L2 Cache (shared)

1066/1333 MHz Front Side Bus supporting 8.5 GByte/Sec transfer rates

Memory Controller Hub (MCH)

Intel 5100 MCH with 1066/1333 MHz Front Side Bus

4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533/667 MHz (1066 MHz DDR)

Two x8 PCI Express Ports to XMC Sites

One x8 PCI Express Port to PEX8624 Gen 2 PCIe Switch

I/O Controller Hub (ICH9R)

Four Serial ATA Ports to VPX P4 Connector

Two USB Ports to VPX P4 Connector

LPC Bus to 16Mbit Firmware Hub

16Mbit SPI Flash

RS232/RS485 Serial Communications to VPX P4 Connector

32-Bit PCI Interface supports SM712 VGA Controller

Real-time clock with 256 bytes of battery-backed RAM

PLX PEX8624 PCI Express Switch

One x8 PCI Express Port to MCH

Two x4 PCI Express Ports to two Tsi384 PCI-X

Bridges to support PMC sites

One x8 PCI Express Port to an Intel 82599EB (Niantic) Dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet Controller providing connectivity to 10Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Fulcrum FM3224 24-Port 10Gigabit Ethernet Switch

300nS Latency

Layer 2 Functionality

Advanced Policy Engine

Switch Virtualization and Scaling

Port and MAC Based Security

In-band Switch Management

Provides Full-Mesh connectivity between up to eight CPU-111-10 Node Boards

Front Panel SFP+ Connector for Copper or Fiber Optic cables (Configuration dependent)

Lower power, lower cost versions available without switch, with two 10 Gb XAUI Ethernet routed directly to P1

Intel 82599EB Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Complies with 10Gb/Sec Ethernet/802.3ae (XAUI)

x8 Gen2 PCI Express interface

IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support

4-Wire SPI EEPROM Interface

Intel 82571EB Dual 1 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Complies with 1Gb/Sec Ethernet/802.3ap

x4 PCI Express interface to ICH9R

MDII or SERDES interface to backplane

4-Wire SPI EEPROM Interface

SM750 VGA Controller

Connects to ICH9R via x1 PCI Express Interface

16MByte Internal DDR SDRAM Video Memory

2D Graphics Accelerator

NetLogic Puma AEL2006 10GigE PHY/SerDes

Specifically targeted for SFP+ applications

Meets 10GBASE-LRM requirements

Multiple Loopback Modes

Adjustable XAUI transmit pre-emphasis

On-chip clock generation and data recovery

Tsi384 PCI Express to PCI-X Bridge

64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X operation

Forward Bridge Operation

3.3V PCI-X I/O

Legacy interrupt signaling and MSI interrupt support

Dual PMC/XMC Sites

Individual 133MHz 64-bit PCI-X Busses to J11-J13 and

J21-J23 supporting legacy PMC Modules (3.3VIO only)

Individual x8 PCI Express Busses from MCH to XMC Connectors J15 and J25

XAUI Fat-Pipe connectivity from FM3212 to XMC P16 and P26

Single-Ended x64 User I/O connectivity from PMC J14 and J24 to VPX P3 and P6, respectively

Differential x12 User I/O connectivity from XMC J16 and J26 to VPX P2 and P5, respectively

VPX Rear I/O

P0 Utility Connectivity per VITA 46.0

P1 XAUI Fabric Connectivity per VITA 46.21

P2 XMC J16 Differential Connectivity (12 pairs) per VITA 46.9, XAUI Fat-Pipe connectivity from FM3212

P3 PMC J14 Single-Ended Connectivity per VITA 46.9

P4 Module Specific I/O to CPU-111-10 RTM or backplane

P5 XMC J26 Differential Connectivity (12 pairs) per VITA 46.9, XAUI Fat-Pipe connectivity from FM3212

P6 PMC J24 Single-Ended Connectivity per VITA 46.9

Non-Volatile Storage

16Mbit EEPROM on ICH9R SPI bus

16Mbit Firmware Hub on ICH9R LPC Bus

16Mbit EEPROM on FM3212 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch for initial configuration

16GByte Solid State Flash Drive

Power Consumption

+5V @ 29A Max, 21.2A Typ (Estimate)

+12V @ 4.4A Max, 2.9A Typ (Estimate)

Total Power: 198W Max, 141W Typ (Estimate)

Actual power depends on CPU-111-10 product configuration

Form Factor


Rugged/Conduction Cooled

The CPU-111-10 is offered in conduction-cooled versions

Coduction-cooled versions include wedge locks which provide high shock and vibration immunity per MIL-STD-810F

Convection and Conduction cooled versions have conformal coating as an option

CPU-111-10 I/O Routing

Front Panel
SFP+ Interface
10 Gb Ethernet (XAUI)
  4 1   1 1  
10 Gb Ethernet (MDII)
1 Gb Ethernet (SERDES)
XMC Site 1
    12 Diff Pairs        
XMC Site 2
          12 Diff Pairs  
PMC Site 1
      64 Single Ended      
PMC Site 2
            64 Single Ended
Serial ATA
USB 2.0


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