VMEbus SBC based upon Freescale Dual-Core MPC8572E processor


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  • Freescale e500 Dual Core Processor MPC8572E
  • CPU clock 1.5GHz
  • DDR2-667 SD RAM 1GB/2GB ECC support
  • VME64x bus bridge supporting Tsi148 2eSST
  • 2ch Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1ch RS-232C serial port
  • 2 slot PMC
  • 2 slot XMC
  • 6U VME form factor
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Support OS:VxWorks,Linux


The CPU-71-11 is a VME bus board based on Freescale Dual-Core MPC8572E processor.

The CPU-71-11 is equipped with DDR2-667 SDRAM of 1GB (2GB also available at option) supporting ECC.
It offers I/O such as a RS-232C serial port, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one Compact Flash slot, and two PMC/XMC slots.

The PMC supports PCI32/33, The XMC supports 4 lanes of PCI Express Gen1 or 4 lanes of serial RapidIO Gen1.
The VME bus supports standards such as VME64, VME64x (VME64 Extensions) and 2eSST.


CPU-71-11 Block Diagram

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Front Panel

Technical Specifications

Freescale MPC8572E 1.5GHz Processor

L1 Cache, 32kB for Data and 32kB for Instruction

L2 Cache, 1 MB


DDR2 SDRAM ECC support (1GB or 2GB)

64MB Flash memory

4kb Serial EEPROM

512 kb non-volatile MRAM

Front panel I/O

2x 10/100/1000 BaseT

x1 RS-232C serial port

On-board I/O

CompactFlash socket (type 1)

RTC connected via I2C

Watchdog timer Implemented in CPLD

PMC 2slot 32bit 33MHz 3.3V

XMC 2slot, x4 PCIe (one is x1 and another is x4)



VME64x 2eSST Tsi148

Bus width

A64/A32/A24/A16 MD32/D32/D16/D08(EO)

Power Supply


DC±12V (used in PMC only)

Form Factor

6U size, Single slot width


RoHS Compliant

CE marking compliant



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