CPU 71-12

VMEbus SBC based upon Intel Atom processor

CPU 71-12

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  • Intel® Atom™ processor Z520P 1.33GHz
  • Low power consumption
  • On-board DDR2-533 SDRAM (1GB) for main memory
  • Gigabit Ethernet ×1
  • CompactFlash socket×1
  • 32bit/33MHz PMC slot×2
  • Supoort VxWorks, Linux


The CPU 71-12 is a 6U VME bus single board computer based intel® Atom™ processor.
Equipped with 2 PMC slots, the CPU 71-12 is able to expand its I/O with a combination of various PMC modules. GigabitEthernet, VGA, and USB are available on the front panel. It has an onboard
CF slot which can be used for OS booting and storage.

There is an option which extend two COM-ports in the front panel. But, in that case, the number of available PMC slots becomes one.


CPU 71-12 Block Diagram

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CPU 71-12

Front Panel

Technical Specifications

Intel Atom processor,. Z520P 1.33GHz -40°/+85° C

L1 cache 24kB for data / 32kB for instruction

L2 cache 512kB for data and instructions


Main Memory DDR2-533 Memory capacity 1GB

Boot ROM FWH-FLASH memory On board implementation

Serial EEPROM 2kbit

Front panel I/O

Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T ×1

USB 2.0 ×1

VGA ×1

PMC slot PMC slot ×2 or PMC slot ×1 and COM port ×2

On-board I/O

CompactFLASH CF+ and CompactFlash Rev2.1 standards ×1
(No CompactFlash installed)


VME bus Rev.C.3 Standard

Compatibility A32 /D32

Functions System controller, Interrupt handler

NARUTO PCI/VME bus bridge

PCI bus(PMC) 32bit 33MHz VIO = 3.3V
Power Supply

DC5.0V±5% (supplied by VMEbus)

Form Factor

6U size, Single slot width


RoHS Compliant

CE marking compliant






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