Pentium III 6U VME Processor Module with Dual PMC


  • Provides Maximum VME Single-Slot Functionality
  • Pentium III or Celeron support
  • Standard front panel I/O
  • Tundra Universe IID PCI-VMEbus interface provides 64-bit VMEbus
  • One or two Intel 82559 single chip Ethernet controllers


Additional Photos

DMC Block Diagram

Technical Specifications
System Architecture Pentium III or Celeron
Standard front panel I/O includes SVGA, 10/100BaseT and mouse/keyboard
Two PMC sites in a single slot for maximum flexibility
An IDE, floppy drive interface second LAN port, USB, game port, COM1/2, LPT1, and other standard PC I/O are routed to a rear plug-in expansion card behind the backplane (IDE and floppy also available on-board)
PMC ports accessible from front panel or rear
Optional transition board provides hard drive and either floppy or CD-ROM drive in adjoining slot (total of two slots with both boards) and includes second 10/100BaseTX interface
CPU support Socket 370 processor
1..2 GHz Pentium III standard version (other processors can be quoted)
Chip Set

Intel 815E
Built-in 3D Graphics with resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
Ultra ATA 100/66/33 IDE protocol
Chipset includes: DRAM controller, PCI bus arbitration logic and interface, USB interface, RTC, NV-RAM, Soundcard interface, standard PC timers, Ultra DMA, and interrupt logic
Optimized SDRAM support

Single Slot

Single-slot VMEbus operation with on-board CompactFlash disk for bootable mass storage

DRAM SO-DIMM module for 3.3 V PC133 SDRAM of up to 512 MB
BIOS General Software's flash-based system BIOS
Upgradeable via floppy
BIOS can be customized to customer specifications
VMEbus Tundra Universe IID PCI-VMEbus interface provides 64-bit VMEbus transfer rates over 30 MB/sec
FIFOs permit write-posting to maximize available PCI and VMEbus bandwidth
Full Slot 1 (system controller) functions provided
Lower cost versions available without VMEbus
PMC Expansion Two PMC expansion slots available on DMC
I/O is routed out to the P0 and P2 connectors on the VMEbus
Optional three-PMC carrier supports four PMC cards in two-slot configuration with the DMC (three-slot configuration with Transition Module)
Dynatem offers a broad range of PMC modules including communication boards, graphics, imaging, DSP and I/O
Ethernet One or two Intel 82559 single chip Ethernet controllers, one port acces sible at the front panel, while the other is routed to the P0 connector on the VMEbus (versions without P0 have only one 82559)
10BaseT/100BaseTX support, full duplex
IDE Support Primary Ultra DMA IDE interface with improved transfer rates is accessible from an on-board 44-pin header
PIO and bus master support
Secondary IDE port is routed to a Type II compatible CompactFlash connector for on-board booting via flash- based and mechanical storage
Floppy Support Floppy drive controller, with support for drives up to 2.88 MB
SVGA Built-in 3D Graphics with resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
CompactFlash Support for up to 1 GB solid-state CompactFlash or 1 GB MicroDrive
Watchdog Programmable watchdog timer for system recovery
Front Panel I/O VGA(MDSM), keyboard/mouse(MDSM), one 10/100BaseTX port (RJ-45), front panel I/O for the two PMC modules
MDSM adapter cables are provided
Rear I/O Expansion COM1 (routed through P2) and COM2 (routed through P0) are both RS-232 ports based on a 16C550 compatible UART with 16-byte transmit and receive FIFO's
Second 10/100BaseTX port (routed through P2)
IDE (routed through P2)
LPT1 (routed through P2)
Floppy Disk Interfaces (outer rows of the VME64 P2 connector)
Keyboard/mouse (routed through P0 and also available on front panel)
Dual USB ports (routed through P0)
AC '97 sound port (routed through P0)
Game port (routed through P0)
IR port (routed through P0)
PMC I/O (one site is routed to the outer rows of P2 connector while the other site is routed to the P0 connector)
XMCPTB rear I/O interface board provides industry standard connectors for all rear I/O
The DMC is also available without P0 connector
TBM Transition Board Transition board requires one additional slot for a two-slot configuration with the DMC, including floppy or CD-ROM drive, and hard drive
Includes a front panel COM1 and LAN2 (second 10/100BasTX port) connectors
Software Board support packages available for NT, Linux, QNX, VxWorks
Additional software available upon request
Dimensions 233.5 mm (L) x 160 mm (W)

Ordering Insformation
Part# Description
XMCxN9x CPU board with 1.2 GHz Celeron, two 10/100Base-TX ports, SVGA video, 2 COM ports, two PMC expansion slots, KB, mouse, bi-directional parallel I/O, single slot, and 256 MB SDRAM. Supports CompactFlash. With BIOS
XMCQxxx 256 MB Flash for DMC
XMCRxxx 512 MB Flash for DMC
XMCSxxx 1 GB Flash for DMC
xMCTxxxx 2 GB Flash for DMC
xMCUxxxx 4 GB Flash for DMC
XMCxPxx Upgrade to 512 MB DRAM
XMCxxNx Upgrade to 1.2 GHz Pentium III
XMCxxxP With P0 connector and support for two 10/100BaseT ports (physical interface for second Ethernet port resides XMCPTB)
DMCxxxx With VMEbus
Support Hardware
TBMtuuvEyz Transition board for XMC with 40-pin IDE connector, front panel COM port, 26-pin header for printer port, LAN2 second 10/100BaseT interface, and options as listed below.

Transition Board Option
t = F 1.44 MB floppy drive installed on Transition Board
t = C CD-ROM drive in place of floppy drive
t = t Neither floppy drive nor CD-ROM drive installed on Transition Board
uu = 20 20 GB IDE hard disk drive installed
uu = 40 20 GB IDE hard disk drive installed
uu = 20 No IDE hard drive installed
v = T Transition board mounted on top of SBC (socket on bottom)
v = B Transition board mounted on bottom of SBC (socket on top)
v = v Transition board interface via P2 to P2 cabling only, no direct socketed connection (separate single-slot front panels fror SBC and transition board)
y = G Gasketed front panel (not available in all configurations)
y = y Non gasketed front panel (default)
z = S Single-slot front panel, can be separated from CPU board
z = D Double-wide front panel for SBC and transition board
XMCPTB Rear plug-in board for XMC provides connectors for: COM1, LAN2, LPT1, IDE, Floppy Drive interface, and a speaker. One 64-pin DIN header for I/O expansion for one PMC module. Uses 5-row P1 and P2 connectors. No P0 connector.
XMCPTBN Same as XMCPTB but without PMC I/O connector and with 3-row P1 and P2 (no P0 connector)
XMCPTBP XMCPTB with the following additional features: a P0 connector and I/O connectors for audio, USB (x2), KB/Mouse, Game port, infrared port and a 64-pin DIN header for I/O expansion of the second PMC site.
XPMC3 Carrier for 3 PMC cards (requires additional slot)
DMC Software
DSW-500- DMC VxWorks Tornado BSP (one time charge includes upgrades)
DSW-700-DMC Drive VME, a high performance VME to Windows/NT Systems Software Link (Development version). Windows XP also supported
DSW-701-DMC Run-time copy of Drive VME
DSW-WIN2000 Windows 2000
DSW-800-DMC BSP for Lynx-OS (includes BSP support)
DSW-900-DMC BSP for QNX (includes BSP support)
DSW-A00-DMC BSP for Solaris
DSW-B00-DMC BSP for Linux (includes Redhat operating system)


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