Freescale P2020 QorIQ™ DualCore Processor based scalable CPU module


  • P2020 Module with dual e500v2 PowerArchitecture™ Core @1.2Ghz
  • up to 2 GB soldered DDR2 memory
  • up to 512 MB NAND Flash
  • 3x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controllers (eTSECs) with IEEE® 1588 support
  • USB 2.0, SPI, GPIO, I2C·
  • High speed interfaces supporting various multiplexing options:
  • 4x SerDes to 3.125 GHz multiplexed across controllers
  • 3x PCI Express interfaces
  • 2x Serial Rapid I/O interfaces
  • 2x SGMII interfaces
  • RTC, Watchdog, Reset Generator
  • Single 3,3V Supply
  • 2x 208 Pin Zero Force Connectors, that make all I/O and bus signals available to carrier board
  • Software support for VxWorks, Linux, QNX and OS/9


The P2020 combines dual PowerArchitecture™ e500v2 processor cores with system logic required for networking, wireless infrastructure and telecommunications applications.
The P2020 offers an excellent combination of protocol and interface support including dual high-performance CPU cores, a DDR2/DDR3 memory controller, three enhanced triple speed Ethernet controllers with SGMII support, two Serial RapidIO® interfaces with a messaging unit, a secure digital interface, an USB 2.0 interface, and three PCI Express controllers. The device also supports IEEE Std 1588™ precision time protocol for network synchronization over Ethernet.
Freescale's QorIQ® technology is a perfect fit for any application requiring very high performance but low power on a small form factor module.
The MPX 2020 forms part of the MPX standard with a tiny 66x77 mm² footprint. The new connector technology allows mounting in both directions and stacking of modules with various interface boards. Versions for extended temperature ( - 40°..+85°C) are available.
The MPX 2020 features a rugged design with the aim to withstand extreme and harsh environment in embedded applications.

MPE03 Header Pin Adapter for MPX Modules
This Adaptor Boards is mounted on any MPX contact area on top or bottom of a MPX Module or CRX carrier. It makes all 208 lines accessible on header pins. FRCs or hole matrix boards may easily attached and allow rapid prototyping with MPX.

MPE03 Features

  • Makes all 208 lines of a (double) MPX connector available
  • 208 Header Pins arranged in blocks of 26
  • Standard 2,54mm pitch for easy attachment of FRC or Hole Matrix Boards
Additional Photos

SBC2020 complete P2020 based industrial computer

MPE03 Header Pin Adapter for MPX Modules


The SBC2020 Single Board Computer is a member of a family of Freescale QorIQ™ P2/P1 series based complete system solutions by miriac™. The development kit offers a fast means to implement rugged designs with the aim to withstand extreme and harsh environments. The flexible MPX Module-Carrier-Concept in combination with the provided board support packages of operating systems, is an excellent platform for rapid prototyping and it offers fast time to serial production. Software development environments are an integral part of the product. Middleware to address market specific requirements like field bus solutions (e.g. EtherCAT or PROFINET) embedded graphics (e.g. XiBase9, EmbeddedQT), or Soft-PLCs (e.g. logi.cad, IEC 61131-3) for control applications can be provided on request.

SBC2020 Features

  • Freescale QorIQ P2020, 2x e500v2 core @1.0 or 1.2 GHz
  • up to 2 GB soldered DDR2 memory and up to 512 MB NAND Flash
  • three 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports with IEEE® 1588 support
  • 1x USB 2.0, SPI, GPIO, I2C
  • 2x RS232
  • 1x PCIe x 2 slot
  • SD Card slot
  • Single +12 V power input
  • JTAG interface for hardware-related debugging
  • Dev Kit accessories for immediate start up, e.g. power supply, cables (optional)
  • Board Support Packages for various operating systems (optional)
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MPX2020 P2020 1GHz 1GB DDR ECC 256MB Flash


MPE03 MPX Header Pin Adapter Board 208 Lines

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