MPC8349E based scalable CPU module with FPGA support


  • MPC8349E with e300 Power PC Core
  • Integrated DDR Memory Controller
  • 1260 MIPS@667MHz
  • up to 256MB DDR SDRAM (with ECC)·
  • up to 32MB Flash
  • DiscOnChip NAND-Flash (option)
  • 1MB SRAM (option)
  • RTC, Watchdog, Reset Generator
  • Single 3,3V Supply
  • two 208 Pin Zero Force Connectors, that make all I/O and bus signals available to Carrier Board
  • 2x 32bit/ 66Mhz PCI Ports
  • 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • High Speed Serial Ports
  • 2x high speed USB Ports
  • 2x I²C (Master or Slave)·
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • General Purpose Parallel I/O (GPIO)
  • ALTERA Cyclone II (EP2C) FPGA
  • 104 Pin Zero Force Connector, that makes FPGA I/O available to Carrier Board
  • optional -40° to +85°C


The MPX8349FA is based on the MPX8349 and is fully compatible to the module. It offers a FPGA extension with its own DDR-SDRAM and DC/DC converter. The FPGA is linked to the MPC8349 via local bus and PCI. The CPU loads the FPGA after power-up. A 104-pin MPX connector makes FPGA I/Os accessible on a carrier board. The MPX8349FA forms part of the new MPX standard. The new connector technology allows mounting in both directions and stacking of modules with various interface boards. Versions for extended temperature (-40°..+85°C) are available.

CRX01 Carrier
The CRX01 Carrier Board covers physical layer for the most important MPX ports. It is designed not only for evaluating MPX modules during the design phase. Due to ist compact design it will fit into many applications directly. As the MPX technology allows stacking of boards application-specific functionality can be realised on dedicated PCBs that may be mounted on top of a combination CRX01-MPX-Module.

CRX01 Features

  • 2x 1000/100/10 MBit Ethernet on RJ45 connectors
  • USB 2.0 Host
  • 2x RS232 on RJ11 connectors, 1x 32-Bit PCI on edge connector
  • JTAG connector
  • Reset-Key
  • User-LED
  • 24V DC supply, Single Euro Format 100x160mm²



Additional Photos

CRX01 Carrier



MPE03 Header Pin Adapter for MPX Modules

MPE04 MPX Boot Module

With an MPX module and a CRX carrier this kit contains all that one needs to get started working.

DEV MPX Features

  • Power Supply
  • 2x MPE03 MPX Header Pin Adaptor Boards
  • 2x MPC Connector 208 pol.
  • MPX Mounting Screw Set,
  • Adapter Cable RJ11 <-> SUBD-9,
  • Documentation incl. Schematics of Carrier Board

MPE03 Header Pin Adapter for MPX Modules
This Adaptor Boards is mounted on any MPX contact area on top or bottom of a MPX Module or CRX carrier. It makes all 208 lines accessible on header pins. FRCs or hole matrix boards may easily attached and allow rapid prototyping with MPX.

MPE03 Features

  • Makes all 208 lines of a (double) MPX connector available
  • 208 Header Pins arranged in blocks of 26
  • Standard 2,54mm pitch for easy attachment of FRC or Hole Matrix Boards

MPE04 MPX Boot Module
This module allows to restore the boot flash area of a MPX module. It is mounted on top or bottom of a MPX module. Withe the respective jumper setting the module will boot now from the flash area on the MPE04. The boot section may now be copied to the RAM area. After setting back the jumper it may be saved in the original boot flash of the MPX module. Now the MPX module will boot again on its own and the MPE04 can be removed.

MPE04 Features

  • Mounted on top or bottom of a MPX Module
  • Allows the MPX module to boot from the MPE04
  • Jumper selection between MPE04 and MPX flash area

Ordering Information
Part# Description


MPX8349FA MPC8349 256MB ECC-DDR, 16MB FL FPGA Extension Altera EP2C50


MPX8349FA MPC8349 256MB ECC-DDR, 16MB FL FPGA Extension Altera EP2C35


CRX01 Carrier Board for MPX Modules optimized for PowerQuiCC-based MPX


DEV-MPX Development Kit for MPX/SBC/SPS for MPX, SBC and SPS Products


MPE04 MPX Boot Module for MPX5200(G) R1


MPE03 MPX Header Pin Adapter Board 208 Lines

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